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Vitebsk Oblast rescue workers to implement emergency prevention projects with Lithuania, Latvia


The Vitebsk Oblast Department of the Belarusian Emergencies Ministry will implement two international transboundary projects in 2020-2021, BelTA has learned.

The projects will be implemented as part of a trilateral program involving Latvia, Lithuania, and Belarus. One of the projects is designed to improve transboundary cooperation in preventing floods, in dealing with floods, and in reducing environmental pollution. The other one is designed to improve the readiness to respond to natural and man-caused emergencies in difficult climatic conditions.

As part of the work to implement the projects specialists from the participating states will visit each other's countries in order to get familiar with local emergency prevention systems. Regional seminars and joint studies based on the comparison of national experience and practices will be arranged. Tactical exercises will also be arranged in Vitebsk Oblast and in Latvia this year. They will offer opportunities for practicing interaction in the course of dealing with emergencies in populated localities that have been flooded due to ice blockage on the Western Dvina River in spring.

As an important aspect of the projects vehicles and equipment will be bought for Emergencies Ministry personnel to enhance their ability to prevent and deal with various emergencies.

Participation in international projects will allow establishing a regional mechanism for interaction between emergency response and rescue services of Belarus, Latvia, and Lithuania. It will expand their ability to respond to various threats in a timely manner in addition to helping improve the theoretical and practical training of the personnel. It will also enhance the physical infrastructure in priority areas of work.