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Government measures to facilitate production of electric cars in Belarus


The measures being taken in Belarus will facilitate the launch of domestic production of electric cars, BelTA learned from Belarusian Deputy Economy Minister Yuri Chebotar.

The official explained that the presidential decree on encouraging the use of electric vehicles contains a number of incentives for buyers of electric cars, for corporations that buy and install charging stations, and preferences designed to stimulate the expansion of the chain of electric vehicle charging stations all over the country.

For instance, buyers of electric cars will not have to pay for parking their cars in public parking lots and will not have to pay the public roads usage tax. Besides, natural persons, who buy an electric car abroad, will pay zero VAT if they want to import the car into Belarus. Those, who buy an electric car inside the country, will get a VAT rebate of up to 500 base amounts (one base amount is Br27 now). In turn, corporations will be able to get full investment deductions.

Yuri Chebotar reminded that a number of preferences were given back in 2018, for instance, preferences for legal persons and self-employed businessmen, who import accumulator chargers into Belarus.

“Why are these measures necessary? According to some projections, every fifth vehicle in the world will be electric by 2030. The process is spurred by the government policy in a number of countries where they intend to put restrictions on vehicles with internal-combustion engines. I believe that the preferences the decree offers in addition to measures designed to stimulate the domestic production of Belarusian electric cars are capable of seriously accelerating the development of the relevant branch of our manufacturing sector,” the deputy economy minister said.