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Rossony Regional Executive Committee
26 June 2020

Plans to remove interruptions from M1/E30 motorway

The motorway M1/E30 Brest-Minsk-the Russian border will be reconstructed to remove all interruptions, BelTA learned from Piotr Nevmerzhitsky, Chief Engineer of the state civil engineering design enterprise Belgiprodor, on 24 June.

The official said: “The Transport and Communications Ministry has just discussed a new direction. It was decided to work out an investment project to reconstruct the M1/E30 motorway to enable vehicles to move without stopping. The upgraded motorway will meet all the European norms. The investment project will be a large one. I think it will last till 2030.” In particular, the reconstruction will prevent animals from entering the road. Low-speed vehicles, pedestrians, and bicycles will be forbidden to use the road.

Piotr Nevmerzhitsky also talked about other projects. “Many bridges are past their designed service life. It is necessary to interfere promptly. We have 32 structures in disrepair now. Four top-priority ones will be reconstructed this year. Another eight will be reconstructed next year. Besides, there are plans to reconstruct the M3 motorway in the direction of Vitebsk. It is necessary to reconstruct 56km of the road in the next few years,” he said.

The chief engineer noted that the industry is busy embracing innovative technologies, they allow considerably reducing construction costs and project implementation times. For instance, innovations are now used to design and build bridges with metal spans.