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Acceptance of appeals from citizens and legal entities at 8.00


The list of land plots to be given to investors planning to realise their investment projects in Vitebsk region (data 05/01/2020). The land plots are planned to be given to investors for constructin of different obgects as a result of Investment treaty signed by Vitebsk regional executive committee on behalf of the Republic of Belarus

Investment Appeal of Rossony District

Rossony District is located in the north of Vitebsk Oblast and occupies 1,926.2 square kilometers, which is 4.8% of the total area of Vitebsk Oblast. Rossony District borders on Sebezh and Nevel Districts of Pskov Oblast of Russia to the north and east, and Polotsk and Verkhnedvinsk Districts of Vitebsk Oblast to the south and west.

A considerable part of the district lies within the northern part of Polotsk lowland. Neshcherdovskaya Elevation is located in the eastern part of the district. The landscape of the district bears the imprint of the Valdai Glacier. As many as 65% of Rossony District's territory has the altitude of less than 150 meters.

Three national highways run through Rossony District. They are R-132 (the Russian Federation - Rossony - Kokhanovichi), R-24 (Polotsk - Rossony), R-46 (Lepel - Polotsk - the Russian Federation border). Their total length is 125.3km.

The town of Rossony is 165km away from Vitebsk and 276km away from Minsk. The district does not have a railway service.

Reserves of gravel and sand material at the Voronino deposit amount to 310,000 cubic meters. Gravel and sand are used to produce concrete, building mortar and to construct roads.

A special research into the qualitative composition of peat is needed in order to exploit peat and sapropel deposits which materials can be used at health resorts for treatment purposes (such as therapeutic mud).

The district is characterized by a rather high level of water supply. Water resources include 192 lakes with the area of 8,000 hectares, the Drissa River with its tributaries (the Svolno, the Nishcha, the Neshcherda) and other rivers. There are many springs in the district one of which is the Lazarava Krynitsa, the hydrological monument of Belarus.

The present water resources are enough to satisfy present-day and future water needs. The lakes are of significant importance for the development of water and eco-tourism and are favorable for fishing.

The peculiarity of the district is a significant area of nature reserves. Two such national nature reserves - Sinsha and Krasnyi Bor -occupy 47,600 hectares. The nature reserve Mezhevskaya Ozovaya Gryada has the square of 111.7 hectares.

The importance of unique recreational resources is even higher because the territory has not been polluted by radiation.

Apart from timber, the forests of the district are rich in berries, mushrooms, technical raw materials and crude drug.

Agricultural lands occupy 26,100 hectares, arable lands 13,500 hectares, forests 129,000 hectares (the amount of woodland is 74.3 percent).

In order to set up production, investors are offered to purchase or lease idle or ineffectively used property and production facilities which are municipal or national property. You can find out more about auctions and facilities offered for sale here:

The state property fund Vitebskoblimushchestvo

38 Pravdy Street, Vitebsk

Phone: (+375 212) 47 60 96, 47 40 18

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Economy Department of the Rossony District Executive Committee:

4 Sovetskaya Street, urban village Rossony

Phone/fax: +375 2159 41374

The Rossony District Executive Committee invites all interested investors to participate in the implementation of projects. The committee is ready to provide assistance in obtaining necessary information and consider other investment proposals which will create jobs, introduce cutting-edge technologies and set up production enterprises in Rossony District.


Phone/fax: (+375 2159) 41240;

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: (+375 2159) 41240