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Tourism Brand of Rossony District

The Rossony District brand logo is composed of an artistic logo and a slogan. The emblem features a shade of green symbolizing the purity and uniqueness of forests that occupy a large part of Rossony District. Light-blue and blue colors point to the abundance of lakes, rivers and springs with healing water. Yellow is the symbol of the Sun.

The emblem features the silhouette of Landowner Glazko's Castle, a specimen of the early 20th century architecture. The castle was built in the Gothic style by architect Edmund Frik on the shore of Lake Rossono in 1900. With its versatile architecture, the castle is very unusual. Previously, it was surrounded by a large park with alleys of limes.

The architectural integrity of the castle was damaged during the October Revolution and the Great Patriotic War. Great damage was done to both the interior and exterior of the castle.

Today the castle is open to the public. It houses the Rossony Children's and Youth Art Center.

Education, Sport and Tourism Department

4 Sovetskaya Street, Rossony, Vitebsk Oblast, 211471, Belarus

Phone: 8 (02159) 4 24 45

Email: http://rossoni.edu.by/

Tourist services are available from:

Rossony District Sport Center "Start"

13 Komsomovskaya Street, Rossony,

Phone: 8 (02159) 4-12-28 (Director Dina Malysheva)

8 (02159) 4-12-94 (tourism specialist Darya Varatynskaya)

Tourist Information Center

13 Komsomolskaya Street, Rossony, 211471

Phone: 8 (02159) 4-12-94 (Darya)

For more information on tourist services in Belarus, please visit the website of the National Tourism Agency


With its favorable climatic conditions and rich historical heritage, Rossony District actively develops rural tourism, primarily family business and handicrafts. There are 27 registered rural estates in Rossony District. The most popular are Kralova Khata in the village of Zaborye and Khoren in the village of Klyastitsy. In Rossony District there is also the hotel and tourism center Bobrova Khata, a tourism center with a museum, a guest room, and rental of sports and recreation equipment for setting up a tent camp in the village of Mezhno. The Rossony Forestry Agency operates two hunters' lodges and a recreation area with an option of tent camping near Lake Beloye Yukhovskoye.

The nature conservation organization Eco-Rosy develops and organizes local green ecotourism routes on the territory of the national wildlife reserves Krasny Bor and Sinsha.

Every year, the village of Zaborye hosts the rural tourism festival Zaborsky Fest organized on the initiative and with the support of the Rossony District Executive Committee and the Belarusian association Country Escape.