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Natural wealth and historical and cultural heritage

Natural wealth of Rossony

"The green sea of the Rosson taiga ..." The paraphrased words from the famous song involuntarily emerge in the memory of any person who was lucky enough to admire the bird's eye view of the landscapes of the northern corner of our country - Rossony.

The south-taiga pine forests are rich in all their remarkable features: alternating sand dunes covered with clean boron, and extensive swamps, crumbling lakes and a dense network of rivers, streams and streams, with an exotic forest livestock for Belarus - bear and lynx, eagle- white-tailed and golden eagle are not uncommon here. The indicators of ecological purity and natural diversity are dozens of natural monuments: from the age-old oak trees and crannies to the reserved debris of the landscape reserves "Krasny Bor" and "Sinsha".

The Republican Landscape Reserve "Krasny Bor"

It was created in 1997 and occupies more than 34 thousand hectares. The territory of the reserve is the standard of the natural zone of northern Belarus - all types of natural ecosystems characteristic of the vast region of Poozerye are represented here. Most of the reserve's territory is covered by forests - pine forests, spruce forests, swamped black alder forests. On the territory of the "Red Bora" there are about 40 lakes. During excursions to the reserve, visitors can visit the Bolshaya Mokh, Bredno Lake and Beloe (Yuhovskoye) marshes. A very popular among visitors to the reserve are specially equipped places for bird watching.


Republican Landscape Reserve "Sinsha"

It was created in 1996 and occupies about 13.5 thousand hectares. The territory of the reserve is the standard of landscapes of the last glaciation and combines all types of glacial relief. The lakes are united in a single intricate system, their basins are of glacial origin. Lake landscapes occupy more than 10% of the reserve area. A special color gives the area an abundance of high hills. Over 80% of the reserve is covered by forests of the southern taiga zone. Here there are upper, lowland and transitional bogs. The territory of the reserve is ideal for active recreation in natural conditions. Among the natural exotics - thickets of water nuts in one of the bays of Lake Sinsha.


Source "Serebryanka"

Spring spring with healing water containing silver ions. Year-round at the source you can meet people coming from near and far places to gain life-giving water or to bathe in an equipped font.

Lake Nesherdo

This is the largest lake in the area, a favorite place for tourists and fishermen.

In it are found bream, pike-perch, pike, roach, borer, eel (amateur fishing is forbidden), carp, ide, rudd. The reservoir is periodically stocked. Fishing is conducted.

Lazareva source

The hydrological monument of nature gives its life-giving moisture for about three thousand years. This is a natural source of groundwater.