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District Rossony

In the north-east of Belarus, the unique Rossony land, untouched by civilization, is stretched.

The Rossony is:

  • 1,9 thousand square kilometers of area, of which almost 70% are occupied by the south-taiga forests that have spread from neighboring Pskov to our North;
  • a blue sprinkling of 192 lakes, with a total area of 8009 hectares;
  • more than 15 large and small rivers, among which the river Drissa with the tributaries Svolna, Nishcha, Nesherda;
  • springs with clean, healing water, one of which, "Lazareva Krinitsa", is a hydrological monument of nature;
  • a unique swamp complex of the upper marshes (Zaborsky Mokh, Juhovichi Moss, Mezhno), which occupies 49% of the area and is second only to the Yelnya bog in the Miory area;
  • reserves "Sinsha" and "Krasny Bor" with diverse fauna and flora, valuable species included in the Red Book.

Archaeological information about the settlement of local places dates back to the IX - V millennia before the new era. On the territory of the Rosson district there are many archaeological monuments - settlements, settlements, burial mounds.

Residents of Rosson fell in love with the lyric explanation of the name of the township of Rossony - only here, in a beautiful, lake corner, so dainty in the summer morning diamonds sparkle in the dense grass ...

Connoisseurs of toponyms claim that the village got its name from Lake Rossono, near which it is located. The basis for the name was the Old Belorussian word "razhony" - gullies, slopes that diverge in two directions, small coves, which just abound in the lake.

The first mention of Rossony (the village of Rosono in the Polotsk province of VKL) dates back to 1552.

The Rosson district was established on July 17, 1924, since 1938 it is the center of the Rossony district of the Vitebsk region. In the vicinity of 128 settlements, including the town of Rossony, located on the shore of the lake of the same name, 276 kilometers from Minsk and 165 kilometers from Vitebsk.

The population of the Rosson district is more than 9.5 thousand people, more than about 5 thousand of them live in Rossony.

Administratively the district is divided into 6 village councils: Albrechtovsky, Gorbachevsky, Klyastitsky, Krasnopolsky, Sokolischensky, Jankovichi.