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Founded on July 17, 1924, the Rossony region is located in the northwestern part of the Vitebsk oblast. It occupies 1.9 thousand km2. 60% of the area is covered by forests, 20% - agricultural lands.

There are a lot of big and small lakes, the biggest of them are Neshchedro, Usvechye, Volobo, Beloe, Sinsha and Shevino.

The largest river is the Drissa with the confluents Svolno, Nishcha, Neshchedra. The main minerals are peat, sand, sand-gravel, loam and clay.

The climate is temperate and is favorable for such trees as pine, spruce, aspen, black alder and white alder. The average temperature in winter is -7.8°C, in summer - +17.7°C. The annual precipitation averages 578mm. The vegetation period lasts 183 days.

The Rossony region is a part of the Vitebsk oblast of the Republic of Belarus. It shares border with the Polotsk, Verkhnedvinsky region and Sebezh and Nevel region of the Pskov oblast of the Russian Federation.